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Professional Book Ghostwriter – Communicating in a Professional Manner

By Karen S. Cole of Ghost Writer, Inc.

I am a ghost writer of several years standing, ten to be more exact. I have been freelance writing off and on since before 1980, but have specialized in editing as a ghost writer more recently. So I know a lot about the subject of ghost writing, and have been writing about it for several years, posting to writer’s and author’s blogs with multiple guest posts about what being a ghost writer is like.

I find ghost writing to be a strong, vibrant act of communication, especially between writers and their audiences. We communicate as ghost writers with our clients of course, but mainly the occupation of ghost writing serves as a bridge of communication between our ghost writing clients and their diverse audiences of readers. Many people can’t write well enough, but have terrific ideas, for example. And a lot of people simply don’t have the time or inclination to either write or properly edit their work to prepare it for publication. Most people just aren’t professional writers, so it helps them to hire a professional freelance writer or ghost writer at affordable rates.

The idea is to help these non-writing professional people to get their work out, so that they can communicate it to the outside world while looking more professional and getting their ideas across in a grammatically correct and fully sound way. Their good ideas, characters, plots, and what they need in general to reach a wider audience through the power of a book, screenplay or even a rap or other music genre song are what we as ghost writers are helping them to communicate; also, ghost writers are needed by these clients to get their work packaged, marketed and sold.

Mainly, these clients need to hire ghost writers to whip their work into professional shape so that literary agents and publishers will pay stricter attention to them. A lot of book agents and publishers turn away from poorly written and edited work, and so do script literary agents when it comes to screenplays, and music publishers and record execs when it comes to music lyrics. Also, some of these agents, publishers and executives will hire ghost writers to work on incoming works that have great ideas and/or a substantial proposal outlining the work and how it is likely to sell widely and well. A ghost writer can put the work into professional shape, so that the agents, publishers etc. will have less trouble marketing and promoting the work.

Usually when trying to communicate, especially for the first time, a book author cannot find all of the words needed to properly get across every nuance and meaning. And often a book author gets “tired” of going over and over a book manuscript, losing much of the meaning and not finding significant errors in the process. So if you hire a ghost writer or book editor to go over your work, it involves a “second set of eyes” that will help you renew and charge up your work, getting it ready for publication in a much cleaner and more professionally polished manner.

So ghost writing is an essential act of communication in today’s modern book, script and screenplay, and music worlds – you should always consider an affordable ghost writer on hire to work on your ideas, editing them and putting them into an acceptable, professional format for marketing. Even though you might as a book author, for example, think you can do your own book editing, you are usually mistaken; it really helps to have an outside person go over your work, pre-publication or other means of sale. You will probably get higher returns and a wider audience if you hire the right ghost writer or editor, and your work will read a lot better too.