Professional Ghost Writer

What is a Book Ghostwriter?

I am a book ghost writer. One bestselling, affordable, experienced ghostwriter.

By Karen S. Cole of Ghost Writer, Inc.

Those are both prolific and rare, nowadays. Prolific due to the high levels of competition. Rare, because it is hard to find a good book ghostwriter whenever you happen to need one. I have several returning clients, due to the hard work I perform for them.

Bestselling book Ghostwriter – what does one do, to cause much discomfort among people? What kind? The ignorant, who think that non-writers should always write their own books. So – what’s a book ghostwriter for, really? Making money, alone? Stereotype: women and Jews are not allowed to make money, or run things.

The Primary Purpose of Hiring a Book Ghostwriter

The reality is you can hire a professional book writer to create a book manuscript for you. Most people are not professional writers. They don’t know the first thing about how to put a book together, how to spell check using a Word document, what a total word count is, etc. They don’t even know about things like 1” page margins all around on a professional document. Also, they can’t necessarily write or spell their own names accurately. Wow, this makes them sound like quite a bunch of illiterates, while they clearly are not. They can read and write. But they can’t write while they are busy working, etc.

Well, some of my author clients are that bunch. But the better-off ones know how to write well…somewhat. Yet their ideas lack pizazz. They might not know how to write adequately in English, or some other language. Or, they don’t have time to edit, re-edit, rework and rewrite their already written pages. They need to polish and pitch their new books to literary agents. Then the agents will land them an advance from the publisher, or the ghostwriters will. Some of my clients have great ideas, and a boatload of problems setting them down on paper. And some author clients just need a second set of eyes, possibly to proofread their work or to give them professional advice. This means for pay; do not expect too many “freebies” from your friendly neighborhood ghost.

People who naysay ghostwriting as professional ghostwriting services should take heed. Clients of ghostwriters don’t all have to be politicians or celebrities who need speechwriters or bestselling biographies. Nor must they be tired, bored major book authors needing somebody else to do their actual writing and editing. While they make all the money. No, nowadays ghostwriting services are work on hire by clients who ask one pertinent question. What’s a book ghostwriter – and how can I find one in time to do great ghostwriting services for me? And another one – does my book need ghostwriting services, or just book editing, book coaching or book doctoring?

A professional book writer, a ghost writer or ghostwriter is the person who helps you get your ideas across in a professionally written manner. We do this for our jobs as a daily career, and we have the experience, the know-how and the upper level literacy to be able to assist you. So when you ask, what’s a book ghost writer, answer it with: a professional freelance writer. One which you are hiring to produce better quality work than you have decided you can create on your own.

All in all, it’s been real, it’s been fun, but it ain’t been real fun. This is speaking for myself as a 50-ish female book ghostwriter. I take a hand in other things, but books are my specialty. Book ghost writer is my favorite term about me nowadays, after wife and mother. I’m old-fashioned. My daughter had to leave the millisecond she left high school, and start going to school and working two jobs. So far, she’s doing okay. My husband is a locksmith nowadays, and may flip houses again for a living. So I do something drastically different than both of them combined. My daughter is proudly making it on her own, having some college under her belt. My husband has a medical degree, having delivered 100s of babies and nearly dying every day in the Vietnam War.

I oversee a team of people. Up to 200 on my own team, the personal membership. They get leads now and then individually. Mostly, as a book ghost writer. Sometimes they get more generalized freelance writing leads, many of which I’ve taken on myself. Such as writing for students. But I never plagiarize, nor do I ever actually write term or other such papers. I only allow me and my team to edit and rewrite them, usually into better American English. Writing them was supposed to take away that latter problem. Of course, many professors know if they get a well-written paper from somebody who barely speaks English, they will deeply suspect it was edited by someone else.

I surmise it will always be hard work for me. I have a left side impairment which makes it difficult to type. Fortunately, I was formerly among the Able-Bodied. So it’s bothersome, but I type at about the same speed as the average person. I think it helps put things into perspective. The other day, a potential client turned out to be a young African-American lady, probably in her 20s. Her book’s subject matter was shocking. Somehow, she had recovered from the events in her life, thank God. But sometimes there is no such God on your side. All her brothers kept trying to rape her repeatedly, and she held each of them off before she ran away from home. At 16.

Does it hurt to be a female book ghostwriter?

Oooo, I yelled that one! You get those kinds of clients. You’re dying to help them, but 99% of the time they have no upfront money for you. And the events are so common, the book is unlikely to gain a huge target audience. So I try to talk these people into some upfront money combined with “on spec” pay. Yet often this falls through. Most shocker books where you “tell on” others in your life are a waste of time, because of the hiding you have to do in order to conceal the identities of (gulp) “Them.” I’m always dying to help those people, and it rarely happens. But we sign NDAs, and if you’re relatively fearless, you can handle such a book through me. Just don’t back out on me, and we can see you through things. I will have sympathy, each time.

Being a book ghostwriter opens your eyes to negative and positive polarities. I heard from a rich white lady the other day. She only gets teased by the weirdos in her life, and wants to make a book out of it. Her prospects are pretty good, but once she learned I needed the money, she took off. She’s a famous model, and actually had the money. What mystery event happened to such a rich white lady, I do not know. Meanwhile, another white lady, with two daughters, hired me to write a book with them about the American Beauty Pageant System. That book sung: all four of us agreed I did a great job, and now one of the daughters has a platform and stands a chance. The other daughter really should go into politics, is my opinion.

I’ve had Black and Brown clients who have given me great project control. They have danced back and forth with me along similar lines. I’m a Red Cherokee Indian, I don’t look the part but it influenced my family in an opaque manner. One which wasn’t easy to see at all times, but ever-present. I’m Non-White, they are White I guess, and I believe it’s more a matter of what you are thinking than who or what you are. I’m not the type to judge, nor the type to censor people’s work. Nope, not me. I’m a believer in a Higher Power, but mainly I count on the one betwixt my ears! Also, those of my husband.