Get me a Jewish ghost writer – maybe

If you need a Jew for a ghost writer. I need a Jewish ghost writer. Get me a Jewish ghost writer, today. We have several of those being kept. In cages. Where they occasionally release the shackles to the desk. Yeah, we think WE’RE funny. You are obviously still the monkeys tapping madly away at the typewriters. So are we…often, while high on life.

Hi, I need a book ghost writer…

Though it is that way, a ghost writer is not the incorporeal remains of a writer. Who has gone to the New York Times bestseller list in the sky?  Equally, a ghostwriting service is not the secular send off for the departed. Though, of course, a ghostwriter could be hired to create appropriate words for the eulogist or other speakers at the services Ghostwriters are not the spirit remains of dead writing careers, though it may also seem to some of us just like that like that.

Ghostwriters are tools for dissemination of ideas, no more and no less. A ghostwriting service is a way to be helped to find the appropriate tool – kind of a home depot for words. People check consumer magazines to find the best computer. So why not look to a ghostwriting service to find the best ghost writer. Or look directly, if this is best for you.  An inherent characteristic of ghostwriters is flexibility. If we don’t already know how, we know how to find out how.

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