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ALLEN H: “My style is lacking. I really want to capture the struggles, what I learned through each challenge, and how it developed me as a person, husband, father, and principal. I would like to add more about my current family as well.” – This is what you told me via email. I took the liberty of filling in related info, it can all be changed to suit your purposes.

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Hello, children and teachers! Nowadays, I’m the popular (cough!) principal of our esteemed school, as you may know. However, you’d probably never believe that I used to have stringy blonde hair hanging down to my waist! I was the five-year-old “hipster” member of a fiercely loyal biker club extended family. We did drugs, had sex wild and loose, and literally “kicked butt” against the Establishment and all our enemies. Here’s my True Story; it will be up to you to judge whether it’s a story of Good, or Evil…

When your parents are the “raging bull” scions of a hippie, drug-doing, leather-wearing full blown motorcycle club, you adopt a lot of outside strangers as your extended family. Many of these “family members” resided with us in a large, sprawling, filthy but well-kept house in San Diego, California. It was affectionately nicknamed “The Alamo.” This started out as a joke based on how police and other biker clubs frequently surrounded our complex. When I was five, it wasn’t unusual for people to hang out festooned in club colors, with the children including me left to be watched by a few “relatives” while the other adults engaged freely without limitations on drugs, drinking, and acts of sporadic and frightening violence.

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