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Karen S. Cole at Ghost Writer, Inc. (remember, only one “w” please).

If you email me that way, enclose a working phone number. Sometimes “new” emails go into Spam or Junk folders. So it’s best to whitelist or otherwise allow our emails. Your Ghost Writer, Inc. ghost will email you separately from the email above. Be sure to check your Spam or Junk folder for their email at first – and/or find a way to allow our ghost into your Inbox. We promise to never send you any spam or  junk emails!

Call us at 425-205-9707 – West Coast Time, Seattle.

Mornings and evenings weekdays best. 9 am to 5 pm if possible. Leave Karen a message anytime! Try to text or call during reasonable hours. You’re more likely to talk to me then. Phone is on “sleep” otherwise. Be sure to leave a short message concerning Ghost Writer, Inc.

I am a professional book ghost writer and will get hold of you soon. Most calls, texts or emails answered in one to two working days. GWI offers many different ghostwriting services for books, scripts, screenplays. Music, lyrics, business copy, illustrations. All kinds of other related projects. Our motto: We do it ALL for you! However, do not make personal calls or contacts. Only business regarding ghostwriting services.

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