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About Book Ghostwriting

This is about book ghostwriting.

By Karen S. Cole. President of Ghost Writer, Inc.

I’m an expert, but I don’t do ghostwriting myself anymore. I send the work out to my 200-5,000 member team. Of ghostwriters. And editors, marketers, publishers, literary agents, illustrators, etc.  We have every type, kind and genre of ghostwriter and editor imaginable. Here to suit your every ghostwriting services need, affordably, expertly and ethically.

As to my wonderful team of honest, persuasive and nearly immaculate ghosts:

Some of them are student ghostwriters. They come at such low pricing I can’t really afford to send them very many jobs. I only get 20% out of what my writers make, and I have to keep in business. So I’m not much for using inexperienced students. Instead, I like to use my affordable, experienced and bestselling ghostwriters. I love it when you hire a bestselling ghost at something like $35,000 USD for a book. But I will attempt to staff any job that comes in.

You might be considering how we work.

Our ghosts come at varying degrees of pricing. I put you in touch with a great, experienced ghostwriter. The student ones have experience, and most of them are published. Absolutely all of our ghosts have great credentials. You can ask them for some, they will freely give them to you. By published I mean commercially. I have student ghosts who work at bottom pricing, but only for the first job. They are all published, actually, but not necessarily commercially.

My experienced ghostwriters are dozens and dozens of people. I have a short list of about two dozen whom I’ve worked with closely since 2005. I got started in the business in 2003, and I’ve been a freelance writer since the ’80s. I hardly ever make mistakes, and I might consider taking on your project myself. But I will keep to your own voice, and any rewriting will sound like you did it. Which not everyone agrees with or wants.

I have writers who will make your writing sing.

Beautiful songs of love and concern and devotion. Which may well make it sell in today’s volatile and heavily laden with books open market. If you market your book appropriately, you will find yourself busy. It’s tough to sell books nowadays. There is a lot of competition from other book authors. Who are all trying to sell their books. You have to be kind of tough minded, able to leap tall bookstores in a single bound…you have to be willing to work with us.

You will be doing half the work. The other half will be done by a professional writer, who has been paid (sometimes for years and years) for doing this type of work. You will exchange emails, phone calls, Skype and other conversations. Maybe you will enter a great relationship with your friendly neighborhood ghost. We have them from all over the country. But it helps to keep an open mind when it comes to location. We can ghostwrite a book by an author client in Maine, by one of our ghostwriters in Oregon, for example.

Via the magic of the Internet.

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