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How can you find an Affordable Book Editor?

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By Karen Cole

You can hire us as your affordable book editor. Ghost writing is a serious business, one which requires you to spend money. Most ghost writing agencies and many of the private, individualized ghost writers on the Internet charge an arm and a leg for their ghost writing services. What can you do to avoid this? Agencies such as Freelancer or Guru, paper mills with no end in sight, take your money quickly and give you a poorly written product; they appear everywhere. They outsource to India and China, and use robots and IT. Large, non-personal book editing and ghost writing services typically gouge you out, in other words.

This is not good at all. You’re left with the feeling you’ve been put through the ringer, charged thousands of dollars for nothing real, legitimate or saleable back. In our case, we work closely with you hand in hand, also making sure we get paid decently for all the hard work we’re doing. You get a portion of work back each time, and the payments you make to us are rather small. Yes, we charge commensurate to our highly professional work, but it’s a slower and much more personal process, where you can contact us through email, phone or Skype. You don’t have to wait long for a reply from one of us, especially me. I check my email frequently throughout the day and only take a week off now and then. So you know you will get friendly, affordable book editor services from us, whether we ghostwrite, rewrite, edit, proofread, document, review, research, analyze or do anything else with your important project. We charge lower rates than most affordable book editor services, and deliver top dollar work each and every time.

Ghost writing flat out still costs an appreciable sum of money. It’s a matter of paying your writer what he or she is worth. But when it comes to helping you write a 100-400 page novel, whether fiction, nonfiction or fiction based on fact, it has to be a matter of you get what you pay for combined with how likely are your chances for success in the modern book world. Your book might not sell that well, you might find a niche market that helps it sell reasonably, or you might become the latest ebook Internet craze – and through word of mouth, you might become a worldwide best selling author.

Yes, you will need to lay out an acceptable amount for it. But all our rates are negotiable, except for some rock-bottom prices where we can’t go any lower. I believe we currently cost about half of the going rates for affordable book editor services – for more extensive editing, involving complex rewriting beyond mere line edits, we charge more. Like I said, you want to get exactly what you pay for; and we will always strive to go that extra mile for you. Just tell us in detail about your affordable book editor project – I will send you a quote and we can negotiate from there. You are not obligated in any way until you sign a personalized contract with us, where we will lay out everything legally after discussing all of your and our needs closely with you.

The skies are the limit when it comes to serving you. Just remember, we are all human – but be ready to get your socks knocked off! | – only one w in rainbowriting

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