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Affordable Ghost Writer


By Karen S. Cole of Ghost Writer, Inc.

It is great being home for the holidays, and being an affordable ghost writer means I can work completely from home, freeing me for all needed parties, visits and shopping trips. If I get sick, I can take off all the time I want in order to recuperate, great during this flu season. And I don’t have to worry about staffing my position for the days before and after Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

We made enough money for us to spend the customary major dollars on Christmas gifts this year. Last year was a bit skimpy, but this year I made enough as a book ghost writer to actually purchase some very decent presents for our whole family. Everybody is getting something nice. My husband would prefer to be Jewish and celebrate Hanukkah, but he was raised both Jewish and Catholic, becoming Protestant in his later years and giving lots of money to the church. He’s not all that “churchy” really, he just doesn’t much celebrate the holidays. So it was up to me to purchase the gifts, and up to him to wrap them all up with bright papers, bows and ribbons.

As an affordable book ghost writer, I can really appreciate my anonymity this time of year, as nobody bothers me for my autograph or hounds me about book contracts with my name being prominent – or bugs me about replacing me with another ghost writer, so that I can keep up my series books. I can do all that for other people instead, replacing them with either me or a ghost writer on our team as needed.

And I can set my own hours, rules and schedules at all times of year as a book ghost writer. So it’s nice being home for the holidays, and especially nice having a job where I am my own boss, too.