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By Karen S. Cole – three tour Vietnam War veteran of the US Army

Where can you find the best ghost writers? I think you should look on the Internet, as that is where the best ghost writers frequently advertise. Of course, you will also find the giant ghost writer “mills;” these places are bidding sites, where you end up paying out a lot of money to find a ghost writer or editor for your project. While they advertise that you can post totally for free, you soon find yourself spending like sixty in order to secure a cheap, low quality and possibly third world ghost writer for your project. You end up with inferior quality. Don’t go to those places!

Also, be careful when shopping for “cut rate” ghost writers and editors; make sure your writer has terrific English or other needed language skills before hiring them. An affordable ghost writer is fine, and you can find someone at a great price on the Internet, but don’t hire a writer or editor who advertises inordinately low rates. Instead, hire a ghost writer who charges reasonable prices.

To find the best ghost writers, try the more personal writing agencies such as those run by only one person, which freely advertise that writer’s ghost writing and editing services. Personal services mean you will get to communicate directly with the best ghost writers, exchanging phone numbers and talking frequently through email, phone contact and Skype. You should always keep the lines of communication clear and open with your ghost writer, maintaining contact at all times.

You might also manage to secure personal interviews, if you can find a ghost writer who lives near your area of the country. This is not absolutely necessary nowadays, and it can be hard to find someone who lives near enough you to eliminate travel costs. Normally, the client pays for the ghost writer to travel, so bear that in mind when looking for a ghost writer who lives near you. It’s pretty easy to communicate almost solely through email with some limited phone contact nowadays.

The best ghost writers are not that hard to find; the right way to go about it is to interview your ghost writer, in order to qualify their services. Ask for references and recommendations, and view each ghost writer’s portfolio and samples so that you can find the one you like among the best ghost writers on the Internet. Feel comfortable communicating with your ghost writer from the get go, and you will surely establish a great working relationship together.

The best ghost writers are the ones who are not afraid to share samples and work experience details, and who will sign a binding contract with you that enables full legal responsibility at both ends. Be sure to research your ghost writers before you hire the one who offers the best price and the best writing abilities for your project needs, and you will have found one of the Internet’s best ghost writers.

Author’s Resource Box: I am the President of Ghost Writer, Inc. GWI is an affordable, expert and experienced ghost writing, editing, marketing and promotions team of writers, editors and other workers who specialize in the area of ghost writing services. We also offer you affordable book, screenplay and music publishing, optioning and production assistance services, such as nonfiction book proposals and query letters for fiction novels among other writing related support services.






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