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By Karen S. Cole – Permanent Fixture and Head of Ghost Writer, Inc.

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Are you looking for a book ghost writer or editor, or someone professional to work on your screenplay? You might search the Internet; many ghost writers and book editors can be found there. The key trick is to find one that offers professional, experienced services that you can afford on your budget for writing a book.

Sometimes it helps to hire a ghost writer as a book coach, who will talk you through the process of creating and editing a book so that it reads professionally well and is more likely to be sold to the public. You can also hire a book ghost writer as an editor, who can go over your work and rewrite it, reworking it into something far more suitable for publication.

Or if you simply don’t have the time to write, or are just not a writer yourself, you can hire a book ghost writer from scratch to write your book. Many ghost writers offer cut rate pricing, although you should always be careful to check the credentials and samples of your potential book ghost writer before you hire a ghost writer for your “baby” of a book.

You may also have a script or screenplay, or at least the ideas. Our company specializes in book and screenplay ghost writing and editing, so we have all manner of services at our disposal for helping you write, edit into good shape, and market or promote your book and screenplay ideas. We also offer music and lyrics ghost writing in a number of styles. Just hand your ghost writer a few bars, and he or she will create a winning new song for you.

But when it comes to price, our company is one of the best in the industry. We offer you low ghost writing rates, and you will not find better ghost writing and editing services anywhere else on the Internet. We can give you samples and references when requested, and our owner, Karen Cole, often does ghost writing and editing projects herself. That’s me! Like Sherlock Holmes, I only take on projects that interest me and that I feel challenge my resourcefulness. I charge much less than most professional ghost writers, but will deliver quality personalized services in every case.

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