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By Karen S. Cole, rock and cliff climber, freehand mountain climber and also technical climber

You may already consider yourself to be a book writer, having written one or several books entirely on your own. However, have you ever considered hiring the services of a professional book writer, or a ghost writer? When you write a book, it can be helpful to procure the assistance of a true professional, in order to ensure that your book is written in a style accessible to your readers, one which literary agents and commercial publishers will find salable in today’s book market. If you hire a professional book writer and play your cards right, your book will read in a sophisticated manner and be more marketable. Also, it greatly helps to have a second set of eyes go over your manuscript, especially the eyes of a professional book writer or editor.

Start by researching ghost writing services on the Internet. Look under various keyword phrases, and make a list of the services that you find. Contacting each one, ask to review the ghost writer’s background, references and recommendations. Ask to see samples of each ghost writer’s work. You want to hire a book writer with experience, so make sure the ghost writer has plenty of examples of work to show you. Try to hire a ghost writer who has several best selling works, although this may be cost prohibitive. If so, hire a student book writer who can help you for less. Some experienced ghost writers advertise affordable services, so you can look into that too.

A good book writer will work closely with you throughout the book creation process. You should be sure to always keep the lines of communication open, through email, phone contact and Skype. Also, be aware that a professional book writer is your fellow human being, so take into account any computer outages or illnesses your book writer may experience. Remember, having a book writer create your manuscript is a long, highly involved process. Also, it normally costs a significant amount of money, even if you hire a student book writer, so you may want to consider the services of a book editor instead. This can cost 10% of the usual price for a ghost writer, if you write out your manuscript and have it edited instead of written for you. Either way, hiring a book writer or editor is a process, so be prepared to spend plenty of time with your professional book writer, preparing your manuscript for eventual publication. |

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