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By Karen S. Cole – Headhunters for Overpriced Ghostwriting Agencies, Beware!

I am Karen Cole, a freelance writer since 1978 when I attended Ohio University. I began my career there, writing news pieces for the school paper. Some of my stories were accepted by the UPI wire service, including one that was also featured in Athens Magazine, a tale about the Hippies of Ohio raising and smoking pot out in the boonies. It turned out that marijuana is Ohio’s foremost cash crop, or at least it was back in the 1980s. I’m sure it’s only gotten bigger since then.

I slowly assembled a self-determined BA in fine art, journalism and creative writing over the years, going to six different colleges. I like to only take the classes I want and think I need to take. I have also co-taught a class on magazine development, with a blind friend of mine who is famous in the local Seattle music community, Doug Bright. He’s fantastic, stone blind and plays a dozen instruments, including the piano, saxophone, trumpet, guitar, etc. Bravest dude ever, other than my hubbie!

What has all of this got to do with book writers for hire? Well, it helped me gather up a needed background in writing and client relations. In 2003, I started up Rainbow Writing, Inc. on my home desktop computer, an IBM compatible device. Being old fashioned, I still use a desktop, in conjunction with a laptop, a smart phone and a handheld device, but I mostly use the laptop and my desk machine to write and edit. They are easier for me to handle, with large type printing right in front of me.

In 2005, I noticed I was getting more work than I could handle as a book ghost writer, so I started making RWI into an agency offering book writers for hire. Back in the 1970s, I had dreamed up RWI, even the name, in my basement at the age of 14. I had been reading about Stan Lee, a Jewish comic book genius working for Marvel when he was only 17 years old, much like Jerry Siegel, creator of Superman. So while perusing Stan Lee’s soapbox about his bull pen, and noticing how they were just beginning to let women writers in, I decided that comics were too childish and that I wanted to work with real literature – namely books. So I came up with a mental picture of having a cattle pen, where I would hire men, women, black, white and brown people of all types and genres, sending work on creating books out to them. I actually dreamed up ghost writing, which I had never heard of, in my basement when I was 14!

In 2011, for search engine optimization reasons, I rebranded RWI as Ghost Writer, Inc. It helps somewhat with the search engines, but Google can be a real bear sometimes, with their Panda and Penguin updates. I used to have wonderful search results, and now it’s down to only a few select keyword terms. Life on the Internet can be hard, especially when you’re in charge of performing most of your search engine and advertising duties. I did finally hire someone to redo our main website, and I have had some people do SEO work for me, but I tend to handle things myself. As for our work, I only do book ghost writing, so while we have book writers for hire, I am for hire solely as a book writer and don’t do our other jobs, which include scripts, screenplays, music and lyrics ghost writing, editing and marketing work.

So now I have a team of over 100 book writers for hire, to whom I send out work on a case by case, work for hire basis, as outsource workers. They are not actually my employees, but I can send them job leads as they come in, from a wide variety of sources including social media, my websites, free job posting boards, etc. Our team includes book editors, book doctors, book coaches and book developers such as book proposal and query creators and submitters, among other types of writers, illustrators, marketers and others. But we remain to this day as a book writers for hire service, or a book ghost writing, editing and marketing services agency.

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