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Find a Book Writer

How do you Find a Book Writer?

For your book, screenplay, music or lyrics project.

By Karen S. Cole of Ghost Writer, Inc.

How do you find a book writer, when you feel pretty much or even totally unable to write your book all by yourself? It can be an adventure or full of pitfalls, the process of locating a professional who can carve out your ideas, transforming them into a workable book manuscript that sells, performs well in reviews, and is lauded by your family, coworkers and friends. What do you need to do, to find the right writer?

Well, for one thing, you need to do your research. Going through the Internet is your best modern avenue, but you can also check print magazines that specialize in writing and catering to book authors. Look up the names of these magazines on the Internet, as most of them are listed there, and you will find several professional online and offline print magazines. You can then place free or paid ads in these publications, seeking a professional writer to assist you with your book.

But usually, it’s easiest to just stick with the wonderful, readily available services of the Internet. The general term for a professional you can hire to help you write or create a book manuscript is “ghost writer” or “ghostwriter.” However, this is not the best phrase or terminology to use at first, as it’s bound to be overused swiftly.

Forget typing in keywords like “ghostwriter” to find your writer; these used-up keywords are flooded with too many other aspects of information, such as Wikipedia listings and info about the famous book, movie and TV shows. Use long-tailed keywords such as “hire a book ghostwriter” or “find a book writer” to locate several ghost writing and editing agencies and private ghostwriters. Depending on what you like, you can hire either an agency, which will probably assign you a ghostwriter, or you can hire a private writer, which may be a more personalized service in some ways.

In either case, you will need to research your ghostwriter’s credentials before hiring them. A service may promise you that they only offer experienced ghosts, but check the ghostwriter’s samples, resume or CV, credentials, references and recommendations out before hiring them, unless you are hiring a student ghostwriter to save money. Even in that case, you must check out their samples. A professional book writer, even at lower student prices, will be able to present decent samples you can go over, and should also have a few professional references to present as well.

Also, please be sure that when you hire a book writer, you establish a wonderful, caring and considerate personal relationship with your writer or editor. Depending on your needs, you may be hiring a professional to rewrite or edit your already existing book manuscript, or to work solely from your notes and a simple book outline. But no matter what, you must believe in your professional when you hire a book writer.

You should understand that there will be delays, computer downtimes, sickness calls and other slight problems that will lie in the way. But long silences coming from your ghost writer or editor do indicate problems. So keep the lines of communication wide open, exchanging phone and Skype names and numbers, keeping up through frequent email exchanges, and otherwise maintaining steady contact whenever you hire a book writer to work on your important and significant book manuscript.