Find a Ghost Writer

Find a Ghost Writer

For your book, screenplay, music or lyrics project

By Karen S. Cole of Ghost Writer, Inc.

How do you find a ghost writer? Well, there are several places you can look on the Internet, though I don’t suggest using the search phrase “ghost writer” – too many other sites such as the one for the movie show up under that term. Try looking under “book ghost writer” or “affordable book ghostwriter” for example, and you will find many ghost writing agencies and private individual ghost writers. You will certainly find Ghost Writer, Inc. quickly, as we are quite well represented in many places.

Once you have found a few leads, the best thing to do is to research them. Get the names of some ghost writers. To find a ghost writer is to experience how to understand the workings of the entire ghost writing process. You might check out the bidding style websites, such as Freelance.com or Guru.com, which are basically huge, sprawling “writer mills” mostly representing Third World countries such as India and China. If you need a great, English proficient ghost writer, don’t go to any of the writing mills. You won’t get personalized services, and you will end up wasting your money and time just trying to list your simple project and get somebody’s paid attention.

Instead, try the more personalized services. Find a ghost writer who can talk to you directly, one who can assist you in a friendly manner. When you talk to a prospective ghost writer or editor, make sure they keep lines of communication open, and can be reached easily by email and over the phone – potentially also through Skype, Instant Messaging or even via physical person to person interviews. Nowadays, it’s not necessary to talk to your ghost writer up close and in person, but if you can find a great ghost writer near your location, it’s a good start.

Once you find a ghost writer with which you are comfortable, get to know them, talking to them about making a contract with full legal disclosure of all rights and responsibilities of both consenting parties. Sign a non-disclosure agreement before you begin disclosing the main details of your important project. Begin note taking, sending parts of your preliminary manuscript, screenplay, music bars or other works through email attachments to your ghost writer. Be sure to fill in your writer with any needed background details concerning the nature of your project, your full contact info, what you need done specifically, and everything else. Finally, hire your chosen ghost writer while feeling confident about the likely direction your project is taking. If you performed your search properly, you have really learned how to find a ghost writer.

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  1. The overwhelming majority of people who think they have a book idea are absolute time wasters with a maximum budget of USD 250 for the entire job. Since they haven’t a clue how to write a book, they also have no idea how much time and hard work is needed to make it happen. This is the main reason they head to sites like Freelancer, Peopleperhour and Guru. They don’t want to put in the hours themselves and they don’t want to pay somebody else a decent amount of money to do it for them either. I’m affraid “affordable ghost writer” means something quite different to the majority of people eager to have their book written (fictional and non-fictional). I’ve yet to come across anybody who’s even progressed to having a preliminary script ready for the ghostwriter to take over or a potential client who knows how to write one. They usually manage to produce three or four sentences, just the basic outline of a plot. At best, it’s the first couple of chapters, but no more than that.

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