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By Karen Cole, President Indefinitely of Ghost Writer, Inc. – Possibly Forevermore

It’s a fun job, period, for one thing. For another thing, you almost always get paid. That said, it can be difficult to arrange work as a ghost writer or ghostwriter, and the pay can vary wildly depending on the budget needs of each individual ghost writing client. But it comes in on a fairly steady basis, and it pays our bills accordingly. I just don’t personally take any “on spec” or percentage work anymore – it’s too risky.

A ghost writer can set his/her/their own hours, working steadily or off and on again as needed. Ghost writers don’t have to work on weekends or holidays, and although there is no such thing as overtime pay, it’s very advantageous when it comes to spending time with your family. A screenplay, music or book ghost writer can pretty much work whenever and wherever desired, especially when the ghost writer is using a portable notebook computer. You can carry your work down to the beach or over to the local McDonald’s to use their Wi-Fi service, anytime you want, and you can set your own deadlines for ghost writing projects in most cases too.

It helps to have had a previous career as a freelance writer in order to become a ghost writer. You should be published multiple times under your own name, and then you can begin the process of becoming a ghost writer by garnering potential clients, using your professional freelance writer’s resume and portfolio as needed. It helps to create your own ghost writing services website, which you can search engine optimize as needed for Google and the other major search engines.

I do my utmost as a professional freelance screenplay, music and book ghost writer running a ghost writing services agency online to serve all of my potential clients’ budgets. I have to charge upfront or during the course of completion of a project in almost all cases. But we charge some of the lowest rates in the ghost writing industry for professional freelance writing work. All of our ghost writers and editors are multiply published, even though we have some student writers who work at lower rates, and we all present only professional, well-written work for all of our clients. Some of our ghost writers even include New York Times bestselling authors, with million copy best sellers under their belts – so you are getting the very best work from us!

The GWI team of ghost writers, editors, marketers and promoters also includes book cover artists, layout specialists, self-publishers and other writing related professionals, and we have close contacts with important literary agencies and commercial publishers – as well as being able to contact TV and film producers for screenplays and scripts. We have nearly a thousand professional contacts with which we can match you as needed; the only thing we ask is that you be prepared to spend significantly, depending on the work involved, if your project is not an extremely salable celebrity or other famous and newsworthy up-to-the-minute project.

Come visit us today, and give us the general details behind your important book, manuscript, screenplay or music project!

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