Ghost Writing – Copy Editing

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Ghost Writing – Copy Editing

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This blog post is short. I recall how copy editing led to ghost writing as my main job description. I discovered over time that if you edit, you frequently end up ghostwriting. Truly, editing and writing are so intertwined that it can be difficult to differentiate one from the other.

But this linked page gives you guidelines to go by. It’s by a ghost writer and copy editor who wrote many articles about ghost writing. I get fairly thorough about the general editing process, which can involve quite a lot of work by itself, apart from ghostwriting.

Meanwhile, what is it about ghost writing? Well, if you need something done along those lines, I suggest you research a few decent ghost writers as much as you can before hiring one. However, don’t go overboard and interview hundreds of ghosts. You need to find a good one, and there are plenty of those. Check out the experience level of any ghost before you hire him or her. And be sure you can afford it.

Costs, rates and pricing can often be an issue. Try not to get suckered into those who parade incredibly low rates, such as $1-2,000 per book. Or $750, $500 or worse. That’s only a copy editing or proofreading price, not enough for ghosting a 200-300 page book manuscript. You will get a rush job that needs profound rewriting work. And even editing, especially any worthwhile work, should cost more than $500-1,000 for a lengthy book. Unless you need to write it yourself.

I will tell you now, after 20+ years in the writing industry, in most cases you get exactly what you pay for. Too low of pricing, it’s too good to be true. You don’t get much experience from students at adding in the right keywords, social media usages, plagiarism rules, citations, and overall experienced, related skills. Gained over a lifetime. And even a talented student needs more pay, to avoid you getting a hacked-up rush job.

I have offered that kind of pricing before, back in the old days and when I needed the experience, but nowadays it is a much leaner and meaner book market for ghost writing. So I charge around $5-15,000 per book myself, and we have writers who charge more or less according to their experience. Talented students ranging through sales-oriented best sellers. Ask us for what you need, we’ll arrange to stay within your most reasonable budget.

Seeing if your book ghost writer is the best possible match for you makes the most sense. You need someone you can get along with, without feeling a loss of contact, or like you can’t handle their ghost writing. Choose carefully from among the candidates you field. Pick the one you like the most, sign a valid contract with him or her, or them, pay them as you go, check their work regularly, and ensure that you receive a fantastic finished product.

And that works, whether you hire an editor, a ghostwriter, a proofreader, or all three. We suggest you hire, if you can afford it, a book ghostwriter at an affordable enough rate, and a second set of eyes copyeditor to go over your manuscript, finishing off with a decent job of proofreading. At Ghost Writer, Inc., we will arrange all three for you, plus properly formatting your manuscript to get it ready for publication, printing and distribution.

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