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Can You Help Me Write a Book?

Help Me Write a Book
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By Karen Cole

You know how to write a book. But you feel a little lost. Somehow, your grammar, the style in which your book is written, or something else is eluding you. The presentation of the characters, the way the plots interweave – you’re afraid that over time, your writing has become stagnant. You could use some kind of a face lift for your writing. You need someone, you say, to help me write a book in other words.

Well, your prayers are answered! You can simply look up a book ghostwriter or a book editing service on the Internet. But wait, you say. In order for someone to help me write a book, they need to have the proper skills. What if I accidentally hire a neophyte writer or editor, one who doesn’t know how to handle the development of my ideas? What if they only take what I have, and just line edit it? I need thorough content and developmental editing!

The right way to approach this is to check out your writer or editor’s credentials: statements, samples, references and recommendations coming from your book ghostwriter or book editor. You can also consider hiring the services of a good book coach, if you feel you can write your book yourself – but you just need some professional guidance in exactly how to write or edit it into the final form you feel is needed to get it commercially published. Admittedly, literary agents and publishers frown on incomplete, poorly edited manuscripts, so in any case when you say help me write a book, you are doing the right thing in getting some assistance.

Once you have reviewed your potential writer or editor’s credentials, you should ask them to create a free five page sample from your original work. Ask them to keep to your original voice, if this is what you want, when creating the sample edit. This is usually done for free, so that when you say help me write a book, you really mean in the style of your own writing and for less cost as needed. Finally, you should consider whether you need to hire a book ghostwriter or a book editor. The former comes at a great deal of cost, in the tens of thousands of dollars, if you hire a consistent, professional book ghostwriter. The latter is far more cost-effective, especially if you’re not sure how well your published book is going to sell. So consider the services of a capable book coach or book editor, instead of a book ghostwriter.

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