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Hire a Ghost Writer

When and How Should You Hire a Ghost Writer?

By Karen S. Cole of Ghost Writer, Inc.

You should consider doing this, as it will probably greatly elevate your work. Of course, you must find and hire the right ghost writer first. You don’t need to use a rank amateur who will do no better, and possibly worse, of a job than you would do yourself.

When you hire a ghost writer, ask to see their credentials. Although this is a bit problematic, as most ghost writers are not allowed to discuss their work or their clients’ names, a good ghost writer will be able to show you a sample portfolio from the clients who are willing to allow them to show some of their work, and also some of the ghost writer’s work under their own name.

Also, ask to see recommendations. This is generally easier for the ghost writer you want to hire, and they should be able to give you quite a few excellent recommendations. Make sure you write to and confirm them before you proceed with the ghost writing work. Once you have enough credentials and recommendations, you can hire a ghost writer while feeling sure that they have the experience you need for your project.

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  1. Interesting article. I have been a ghostwriter for years and only take assignments by “word of mouth” for the exact reasons you state. Confidentiality is key. I never ask the authors I write for to give any recommendations. If someone needs a ghostwriter and my name comes up; I never complain. 🙂

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