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How to Right a Book


How to Right a Book

By Karen Cole, Founder, Owner and President of Ghost Writer, Inc.

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Well, it can be a very demanding process, hard on your spelling capabilities. Writing a book entails having the main ideas for it and matching that to what people like to read and expect to gain fulfillment from – in about that order. A book author must have a ready audience, if she wants to be sure to sell her book; nowadays, nearly half a billion books come out published each year. So you need to be sure you have something like material, timely and relevant subject matter to start with.

Next, you need to lay out a book outline to follow when organizing your thoughts. This outline should be only a few pages long and should cover the main topics of your book, in the order in which they are likeliest to appear. You can use the outline to create a table of contents that show where the various actions and scenes occur in your book, although this is not absolutely necessary. The table of contents would contain section and chapter titles. You should also dream up a suitable and selling book title, something that sounds catchy and would make someone reach for your book.

But the most important part of how to right a book may be what I actually meant by using the wrong spelling of the word “write.” You might want to consider taking your book outline to a professional ghost writer. Such a person will ably assist you, if you hire a ghost writer who knows what he’s doing in order to help you prepare the type of book manuscript that will make literary agents and publishers, especially the commercial ones, sit up and take notice of your book.

How to right a book? You can hire a ghost writer to actually create it, at some considerable expense to you as ghost writers do tend to charge a lot of money, or you can hire a book editor or coauthor to assist you with your book. In the case of a book editor, you present an already completed but unedited book manuscript, and the editor rewrites it into a more professional book format. This is the least expensive way of getting professional help with your book.

But when you hire a ghost writer to be your coauthor, this can save you a lot of money too, and you won’t necessarily have to write your book so much as talk to the ghost writer and work out a plan for getting the book written – while sharing the credit on the book cover. This is usually more expensive than when you hire a book editor, but as percentage payments are now on the wane, giving a ghost writer book credit where credit is due is a great way to drive down the high prices of typical ghost writers. You can get a book done right, easy as pie, if you can afford to spend money on your project to ensure that professional writing is all that will be involved.

GHOST WRITER, INC. is the mainstay of Karen S. Cole, the hard working editor of how to right a book. She is an experienced professional book ghost and freelancer who segued into ghost writing in 2003. She handles a team of over 100 book, screenplay and music oriented writing professionals who also handle affordable marketing and promotions for your projects and concerns.

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