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I Need a Ghost Writer

I Need a Ghost Writer

I need a ghost writer

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For your book, screenplay, music or lyrics project

By Karen S. Cole

This article briefly covers the difference between hiring a professional book ghost writer to work on a manuscript and hiring a professional book editor instead. In order to attain lower pricing and have more control over the writing process. You say, I need a ghost writer! Well, a decent book ghost costs several thousands of dollars normally, while a book editor may only charge a few thousand or even several hundred dollars to line edit or otherwise rewrite your book manuscript. Line editing is the cheapest, while content or developmental editing typically costs more. You may also have your book edited for style, color, redundancies, or many other stylistic elements.

Nonetheless, do you still feel like this: I need a ghost writer? Right away, or at least very soon? Do you have a choppy, poorly edited manuscript that could use a second set of eyes to go over it, mining for myriad details of writing such as grammar, syntax, factual errors. Or even greater needs, such as content or developmental editing? Or do you have some great idea for a book project, one likely to sell millions of copies, and you want to hire a professional book ghost writer in order to create a finely tuned, selling book that will reach your planned audience, making you money and enhancing your career as a famous book author?

When you say I need a ghost writer, do you require someone who can assist you in creating a book from scratch – which may be prohibitively expensive? Or are you able to write the project on your own, while looking for a professional book editor who can provide guidance as to what you need to polish up your final work – making it read evocatively enough to seize a literary agent’s or commercial book publisher’s difficult to grab limited attention span? Many people actually only need a professional book editor, not a ghost writer, so plan your needs carefully. A book editor costs less than a flat out ghost writer, when they work from your ideas and notes.

Finally, when you say: I need a ghost writer, how much do you plan on paying your professional writer? Many times, potential ghostwriting clients have no idea of the pricing involved. A book ghost writer needs to make a decent living, and a large writing project often costs in the neighborhood of several thousand dollars to complete. Fortunately, hiring a professional book editor is less expensive, if you have an already completed manuscript. Make sure it’s well written in the first place, so that the work will not be too difficult, unless you can afford to pay for more work. When you say: I need a ghost writer, see how potentially you merely need a book editor.

Author’s Resource Box: I am the President and head team member of Ghost Writer, Inc. GWI is an affordable, expert and experienced ghost writing, editing, marketing and promotions team of writers, editors and other workers who specialize in the area of ghost writing services.


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