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Hi, I’m Karen S. Cole! Amazon, NYT and New York Times bestseller ghostwriter.

New York Times bestseller ghostwriter and also Amazon bestseller ghostwriter. Text, call or leave me (ask for Karen) a message. Call during the week, not on the weekend – if possible. However, you can email me anytime! And bear in mind, we have many other New York Times and Amazon best selling ghost writers and authors.

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Just so you know:

I’m also a book editor. Heading a team of ghosts. Which includes student and experienced writers, also national and internationally bestselling authors, ghostwriters and copy editors. Plus marketers, literary agents and publishing assistants. A pool of 200+ people, growing and changing every day. Out of which you’re sure to find the perfect match! However, we require the ability to pay upfront. In reasonable amounts, during the course of completion of your wonderful projects.

We’ve done almost every type of books, films and documentaries. Yours could be next, when we do everything right! It just takes your time, efforts and the needed resources. GWI does fully completed manuscripts, books (including publishing, printing and distribution), scripts, screenplays, music, lyrics, and soundtracks. We specialize in book manuscripts, being in business since January of 2003.

Also, GWI does: business documents, in-house literature, white papers, blog posts and articles, journalism, speeches, comedy routines, book proposals, even light to heavy research on projects. And everything else we can legally, ethically and morally do for you that isn’t fattening. Except for your wallet! In a timely manner that fits your budget criteria – while being fair and honest to you and your professional ghostwriter.

Find and hire a professional ghostwriter at Ghost Writer, Inc.

This matters to you as a newbie book author. Or even as a returning published author, screenwriter or other creator of documents, music, etc. I am a New York Times, Amazon and NYT bestseller ghostwriter. Well-known within Internet publishing circles. I’m in semi-retirement nowadays, and I only work on certain “special” jobs.

Anyway, Ghost Writer, Inc. works with select newbie clients for only $5,000 to $25,000 USD. Sometimes less, depending on type and length of project, and which type of ghost you choose. We have student writers, experienced published (non-bestseller) ghosts and professional book manuscript editors. But it goes up to $35,000-200,000 USD (for the business, timely news stories and celebrity-oriented ghosts on our team) per 100-400 page manuscript. We also do ebooks of 30-100 pages, and it depends on the experience level of the ghost how much your ghostwriting fee will be.

We charge much less for book editing, book doctoring, book coaching and developmental editing or rewriting projects. Not the hugely gouging amounts of $30,000 to $300,000 other name book ghostwriters command for their flat-out expensive ghostwriting services. I’ve been in this business for well over a decade. And I’ve been a freelance writer for some three decades. I mean to help you sell your books!

And one thing GWI doesn’t do is mess around. We are never corrupt, nor do we promise services when we don’t deliver them. We ask the same of you. While we are all human and make occasional mistakes, we pledge to always do our level best. To supply you with proper, paid for on time ghostwriting services – always!

Do you need a Bestseller, or a Bestselling Book Ghostwriter? Or just a book for your family?

You see, what matters is how you’re going to prepare, distribute and sales-orient your next book. Also, whether you need ghostwriting or only editing services. It can be an expensive and time-consuming process. This is due to how books may sell as widely as they used to in the good ol’ days. It’s largely a change in how books are presented to the general public anymore. If it’s done by a NYT bestselling ghostwriter, you stand a greater chance of major publishing success. Involving a meaty book advance.

The modern book market churns out millions of 99 cent ebooks each year. Many printed copies start at $25 USD or more, but it’s only a matter of time before sales drop dramatically. It takes six months to one year for this pitfall to occur. So you should strategically arm yourself with publishing market knowledge.

Research every accessible method of getting your book together and out there in front of the public eye. Then hire an Amazon or NYT bestselling ghostwriter or service. You want to do as much in advance as you possibly can. That’s how books sell nowadays. A good ghost writer book contract can even get you a sweet movie deal.

GHOST WRITER, INC. – New York Times Bestselling Ghostwriter

I am an Amazon / New York Times / NYT bestselling ghostwriter who no longer works with celebrities. Just ordinary folks like you (although you are probably truly extraordinary!) I can give you plenty of samples. Related to people who don’t mind sharing their credits and information. Unlike my former celebrity clients. Review my informal resume on our Ghost Writer, Inc. main website.

When you visit, you can research the anonymous work of our other ghosts. Some still work for celebrities, you may find them under the Our Samples tab. Fill out our Contact page by clicking THIS LINK.

Check out our main business site here:

You will find that I have accumulated a star-studded career as a book ghost writer and editor. By scanning our entire website, you can also see that I run a team of 200+ workers. This includes book, screenplay and music field ghosts, editors, marketers, cover artists, publishers etc. If you want to hire just my personal services, or you need other ones, simply ask me about it! We can find you exactly who and what you need, no matter what. GWI has the solution to all of your writing, editing and marketing needs.

The only problem we can’t solve is working for free. We also very seldom work for “on spec” or net percentage payments, except for certain celebrity or highly noteworthy clients. Often, not even for them! Most ghosts and editors nowadays work for upfront pay, so keep that in mind when requesting our services. A few of us still do celebrity books for on spec, but this means only books set to make a huge profit. Just because you think you have a “hot” new novel, that doesn’t mean you do. But we can help you gauge your chances for success – just talk to us! We can go over your work, your ideas, and tell you if we think you have the stuff to become a bestseller.

As a NYT best selling ghost writer, I can tell you these are a select bunch. It requires heat, new ideas, new thrills for the modern reader. You need to set a blazing new trail in books to really market, promote, push and sell those copies. Of course, you may simply have in mind a beloved memoir for your family. Rest assured, we do those too! We do all types of books, from bestsellers to table books for your company or friends.

Are you a New York Times Bestseller Ghostwriter Agency? Are there Others like you who do bestselling book ghostwriting services?

Tell me, what is a NYT Bestseller Ghostwriter? Usually, it means a ghost who has penned books under other people’s names, so it can be hard to prove. Sometimes we get connections with writers who give recommendations, but often we are secretive and can’t tell you which books we actually “edited’ or “consulted” upon. But we can refer you to some of our traditional publishers, literary agents, etc. We can also, as I just mentioned, tell you about certain projects in a roundabout manner. I have “edited” many a book manuscript. “This book wouldn’t have been possible without my Editor Karen S. Cole…” has been on many an Acknowledgements page.

In any case, I or one of my professional team members can help you swiftly at a nice, decently quick pace. We can also slowly assist you in creating a memoir, fiction, nonfiction or other related project – as a name bestselling ghostwriter. Who has plenty of work displayed on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and various other Internet sites. And other planetary venues that will blast, blare, whisper, provoke, tease, tantalize or spontaneously play. To the audience of your strongest, most rational desires, hopes and expectations. And possibly your wildest dreams as well!

In any case, we can’t guarantee million-copy bestseller status. It’s not how it’s done, in the traditional or even the non-traditional publishing industry. But I can help you dream big, aiming even bigger, or we can simply find you a way to get your work out to the general public. In a manner totally suited to your liking. This will involve strict professionalism, courtesy, timeliness, friendliness and confidentiality on all of our parts. We will be working closely with each other over time. This will involve either a student ghostwriter, a mid-range experienced writer – or even a New York Times and Amazon bestselling ghostwriter!

What does Ghost Writer, Inc. offer its clients? That other such ghostwriting service agencies and companies don’t have?

GWI will arrange affordable, highly professional book proposals and fiction package submission documents. And also query writing and submission services. At $3,000 to $5,000 USD for a truly bang-up proposal that will snare you a publisher! More if you can afford it, less if you can’t. Spend wisely, that’s our best advice.

One of our partner agencies has a 90% success rate, working with select clients, at landing big-time literary agents. This ghost maintains close contacts with the major commercial book publishers. We have still other such contacts and partner agencies, through our Amazon and NYT best selling book ghostwriters. Another successful partner of GWI’s keeps close contacts with similar publishers, and can shoot you straight into the major publication and distribution processes…‘nuf said?

Yet another GWI ghost has landed a literary agent out of the top Christian agents. He gleaned $500,000 USD for his expertly colorful book proposal, as a book advance. His author client got the other half! He handles all his ghost writer book deals par excellence, and he arranged for a spectacular movie. Said film starred Jennifer Aniston and Queen Latifah! It launched in 2016, breaking box office records for a Christian-themed movie, absolutely. We’ve been working on many similar projects since then.

Your book, or your ghost writer book, will forever be your own. If you don’t sign your rights away – we will advise you carefully about that. What’s under your name stays under it. You should usually sell away only your first rights, or at least limited rights. Then you keep all other copyrights to your own book or other written work. It’s standard practice. However, book credit can sometimes be shared via coauthor status on your book cover. It varies, but meanwhile everything is under written, signed agreement or contract with GWI’s ghostwriting services.

How do I credit a bestselling book ghostwriting services agency? And what do I do as your client? Once I hire a bestseller book ghostwriter or editor? Do I do book coaching, book development, or what?

Consider running your ghost’s nom de plume on a published book cover. With the standard “As told to (your ghost’s name)” in smaller letters underneath “By (your name)”. Or you can simply mention your ghost on an inner page. It’s usually the Acknowledgments page, along with everyone else you’re thanking. However, this doesn’t replace upfront payments under any circumstances!

It can possibly supplement them somewhat, but not much. Your ghost is a paid, affordable, professional freelance writer. Any such ghost will require your background notes, ideas and interviews – in order for both of you to succeed. So be prepared to spend laser-focused amounts of time, money, idea and sweat efforts on your book writing or other ghostwriting services project! Your ghost is not a “sucker” nor an “imposter” – he or she will be working elegantly with and not against you.

These will forever be your book, screenplay, music and related writing and editing projects when working with GWI. Your ghost will sign over all copyrights to your original ideas and their ghost work as needed. Through formal written legal agreement or contract. You should be making the lion’s share when it comes to the profits from your book or other project. However, we will not rest until you are published! Your book will always find a home through the considerate auspices of Ghost Writer, Inc. Once again, that is GHOST WRITER, INC.

Unfortunately, there are pretenders out there. They use names similar to ours, in order to wrongly secure your business. So be careful when searching for GWI online. Make sure it’s in your browser window. We used to be called Rainbow Writing, Inc. years ago, and we still get word of mouth about our business that way.

Also, take care with your email account, too. When we send you mail, look for Ghost Writer, Inc. in the Subject line. Be sure to whitelist our email address and name. Also, check your Junk or Spam folders for our emails. If you don’t hear from us within a few days of contacting GWI. Sometimes mail from people new to you is directed by your email account into the wrong folders.

So always be sure to send our GWI emails to your Inbox folder, ASAP. This will include email from your GWI referred ghosts, marketers, etc so do this every time we’re likely to be sending you any emails. We will never send you any spam whatsoever, this is just regarding our regular business emails. From GWI, our ghosts and our marketing partners. Be on the lookout for those.

Anything odd seeming to come from us, let me know. Text, message or call me about things at 425.205.9707. It might be spammers, or somebody else. The Internet is loaded with weirdos who steal email addresses and use them against others. We have lots of failsafes against this, on our main website and also this one. GWI uses superior technology such as secure SSL certificates and firewalls, on both our main business website and this blog site. We recommend you use such high-tech additions as well, in order to fully secure your WWW safety.

AGAIN…What is Ghost Writer, Inc.?

We are not those other companies! We’re permanently parked on the Internet under that name – Google me! Meanwhile, I am just one of the best seller ghost writers on our team. I’m available sometimes, not other times. I do sign for several months in advance. If you decide you like the particular quality of my services.

You can get other ghosts on our GWI team to sign for months in advance. So you can begin your project whenever you choose. We know you have limited time, work and payment considerations – that’s why you’re hiring a professional ghostwriter! A deposit payment will be required, after you’ve decided which ghost you’d care to hire. References, samples, links to work on the Internet and recommendations will be supplied, depending on the experience level of your GWI referred ghost. You may check our Google Reviews to see how we’re faring lately there.

So tell me what you think, then hire an Amazon, New York Times and NYT or other bestselling ghostwriter today. Rather than being sorry, you’ll have embarked on the thrilling adventure of a lifetime…no matter what happens, including the magical smile of a sudden overnight success!

NYT and Amazon Bestselling Ghostwriter – also, New York Times Bestseller Ghostwriter

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