GWI’s affordable ghostwriting rates tend to be ballpark figures. You help us determine what you’re going to pay. You should consider the best professional ghostwriter rates. We charge some of the lowest fees, costs and prices in the ghostwriter services industry. Ordinarily, we take our professional ghostwriting fees upfront, during course of completion of your project. This can be a book manuscript – we specialize in those. Or a script, screenplay, music score, lyrics, whitepaper, business documents, etc.

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GWI rarely accepts “on spec” work, or percentages. One of our bestseller ghosts might accept this. If it’s accompanied by a substantial upfront ghostwriter payment plan. Our ghosts, editors, marketers and others often will take installments, made during the overall course of completion of your project.

Meanwhile, you won’t find better quality ghostwriting services anywhere else on the Internet or in the world. For the best professional ghostwriter fees, rates, costs and prices in America. We offer you affordable ghostwriting services, solely on a case-by-case basis.

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