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IT ISN’T A GOOD IDEA. Professional ghost writer, you scoff? You need to hire a professional quality book or other type of ghostwriter. For any other kind of ghost writing, editing, marketing or publishing services. Because you will get shoddy, inferior work if you aren’t willing to pay something near normal pricing for it. A professional book ghost is a somebody, not a nobody.

CHEAP GHOST WRITER – Professional Ghostwriter?

A phrase ringing down the hallways. Professional ghost writers are not cheapos. Do you always expect a cheap car mechanic? A cheap brain surgeon? You may get reimbursed for those things. But stop for a moment and reflect: do you really want to hire on the cheap? If you want your published book to sell, what are you doing? Hire a cheap ghost writer? I’d rather hire someone to darn my socks for $100 bucks an hour!

If I really liked those socks, they were my dream project…I’d hire a professional ghost writer. I wouldn’t hire the guy next door, or just anyone. I’d hire a professional ghost writer. Those kinds of people work for Ghost Writer, Inc. on a daily basis. That kind of professional ghost writer works for higher pay, when they have prior experience. These writers works regularly in the field, and freelance for our agency.


All you need to do is dial 425 205 9707 and you’ll get me. Or you can text me there. Or you can leave a message. I will suggest you email me at (only one “w”). Or you can use the type in form on our website, we have two of them there. It’s GHOST WRITER, INC. and I have this one at BOOK GHOST WRITER as well. As a professional ghost writer, I’m often too busy for your project. But I have a huge team of professional writers, editors, artists and others. They are ready to do an honest job for an honest client. That’s all we need, and the rest is smooth sailing.

Now that I’ve mentioned that…a professional ghost writer has a great life. Next to those in third world countries. LOL ROFL!!! We tend to be either freelancers or work for a company or two in-house. Such as literary agencies or commercial book publishing companies. Some of us, like me, set up our own shops and run them as agents. I am essentially an agent who’s semi-retired. I send work out to people 90% of the time. A great professional book ghostwriter is the one who is able to arrange the best jobs.

I’m not going to burst my own bubble. Or lie to you here. I’ve been doing this now since before January of 2003. Meanwhile, I have contacts with New York City, Los Angeles, and the princes and princesses of the ghost writing industry. They are all professional book ghostwriters and others at the top industry level. Other than that, Ghost Writer, Inc. has student writers, writers with tons of experience who work for less…people. Experienced for decades people who can negotiate a rate you can afford.

A professional ghost writer is also a professional ghostwriter. In all ways. Hire somebody you can trust, who isn’t going to stiff you.


As you’re still reading this: I have worked on or ghostwritten over 300 books, scripts, screenplays, other projects such as white papers – you name it, I’ve probably worked on it. I don’t personally do screenplays, but I’ve done them. My forte is professional book ghostwriter, our forte is whoever I can find for you. When they are available. A professional ghostwriter, in my book, is one who works for you. A good book ghost is a great book ghost. She or he bends over and goes that extra mile for you. But NOT for “free,” no pay in advance (too many people don’t pay afterwards) or other such stuff. Well, you can negotiate things directly with your GWI ghost.

Call me. Text me. Email me. Website form me. Just do it now!

Professional Ghost Writer
I’ve been a professional book and article ghostwriter since 2003, and a freelance writer since well before 1980. Karen S. Cole is published on Amazon, Smashwords, and Google Books, among others. And over 300 books by clients of our ghostwriters, we get 8-10 titles out per year.


  • Accomplished and highly regarded writer with 30+ years of successful and broad-based writing experience. Recommended by numerous published authors as a result of exceptional writing and editing skills.
  • Founder and owner of Ghost Writer, Inc. Our multiply published and optioned writers and editors have several dozen books featured in the honored archives and other sections of the Library of Congress.
  • Ghost writer for numerous books available through, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Apple iPad, as well as many other storefront and planetary book venues.
  • Involved with the production, marketing, optioning and publication of 300+ books and screenplays. Participated directly in the creation of 50+ books, including: “The Rainbow Horizon: A Tale of Goofy Chaos” by Karen S. Cole; “This is Your Time, Rwanda” by Justine Mbabazi; “Razor’s Edge” by Peter “Razor” Slade; “Burning Down Walls to Build Bridges” by Tarah and Kendra Land; and “The Antichrist Version 666” by Cloise Orand II.
  • Edited a book about Haiti that made the top of the New York Times bestseller list; the author promoted his book widely in Europe. Edited and added to “The Boys of Birmingham,” the first time the full story of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination investigation saw print, by the daughter of an FBI field team leader. Ghostwrote a book about the Holocaust by a ten-camp survivor – assisting in creating “Simon Says” the documentary.
  • Recent projects: ghosting a fiction-based-on-fact memoir by a US Marine, 2013; ghosting a family-oriented book about a Vietnam veteran in 2014; editing two academic fiction books by a returning client, 2013 and 2015; arranging a book on the British Royal Family, set to be a bestseller in 2016; “Miracles From Heaven,” worked on by a GWI celebrity writer, starring Jennifer Garner and Queen Latifah, film released worldwide in 2016; and dozens of informational guest posts on author blogs by book writers who invited me to write articles for them over the years.
  • More information regarding publication, writing and editing experience is available. Marketing and promotions are offered through our partner companies. GWI does self-publishing on Amazon and other retailers, and commercial publishing assistance services. We do all types and sizes of freelance and contracted writing and editing jobs, and handle whitepapers, manuscripts, books, scripts, screenplays, music, lyrics and soundtracks.
  • References and recommendations available upon request.


  • Writing/Ghost Writing * Copy Editing/Proofreading * Digital Photography * Copywriting * Screen Editing * Screenwriting/Screenplays * Fiction/Nonfiction Writing * Photoshop * Creative Writing * Research * Blogging * SEO * Publishing * Short Stories * Music/Lyrics * Poetry Writing



GHOST WRITER, INC | March 2011 – Present Visit for more information about Ghost Writer, Inc.

  • Provides reasonably priced copy writing, freelance writing, ghost writing, copy editing, proofreading, analysis of book manuscripts, memoirs and screenplays, and a broad range of other writing services.
  • Offers book layout, cover art, indexing, formatting, relevant site link exchanges, SEO consulting, literary agent services and publishing referrals. Recently began offering music and lyrics ghost writing and editing.
  • Provides a broad range of additional writing-related services such as book, video, TV, film and screenplay pitches, promotions, sales and marketing, as well as graphics and digital photography.

Executive Director

RAINBOW WRITING, INC. | January 2003 – March 2011

  • Rainbow Writing, Inc. was renamed Ghost Writer, Inc in 2011.
  • Provided all services detailed above.

SEO Specialist / Sales Representative

INTERNET ADVANCEMENT | January 2001 – December 2002

  • Performed sales and consultation on SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Freelance Journalist & Writer / Attendant

CENTER PARK | 1980 – 2000



  • News Writing, News Editing, Lies in the Media and Journalism.
  • Other schools: Western WA University, N Seattle CC, Seattle Central CC, Olympic College – total compiling a self-determined degree in Fine Art, Journalism and Creative Writing


  • Life Drawing and Creative Writing, Sketching, Design and Modeling, and Art Design.
  • Pen and Ink Drawing, Painting in Oil and Acrylic, Model Sketching.


  • WRITING.COM – Numerous first, second and third place ribbons and awards for story writing, primarily for fiction and editing the work of other authors, especially erotic fiction. * POETRY.COM – Numerous awards, including Poetry Ambassador, Editor’s Choice, Best Poet, Outstanding Achievements in Poetry, and Poetry Fellowship awards. Published in three of the anthologies; poem “Winter Calls the Way of Life” led off their winter 2008 edition. Received the Reese Tyler best poetry award from a division of Random House; poetry was published in a Random House anthology, as well as in the “Centres of Expression” anthology by Noble House and “Eternal Heartland: Route 70” by Eber and Wein. Received a Certificate of Achievement in Poetry. Member of the Canadian Federation of Poets.
  • Received two awards from the Literary Arts Association for writing.
  • Honorable mention for scholastic and political cartoons, Gahanna, Ohio.
  • Contributed material successfully on several listings and corrections in Wikipedia.


  • Expert Author, Ezine Articles
  • Expert Author,
  • National Association of Women Writers
  • Today’s Woman
  • Working Writers
  • Copy Editors
  • The Floating Gallery/Arbor Books
  • The eWriters’ Guild
  • Freelance Writers
  • Authors Den
  • Comic Writing and Humour
  • Staff Editor and Writer, Human Imagineering Company’s WebZine
  • Writing Mafia
  • Phenomenal Literature (India) A Global Journal Devoted to Language & Literature
  • LinkedIn’s Aspiring Writers group
  • Woman’s Corner Magazine
  • Single’s Life (Seattle)
  • Batman (Detective Comics) inking
  • The Crusader (self-published zine)
  • Starbucks (in house newsletter)
  • Editorial Freelancer’s Association
  • (several awards for poetry)
  • Gahanna Lincoln Yearbook – artwork
  • Phenomenal Women of the Web
  • Simply Enchanting Angels
  • Mike’s Writing Workshop
  • WriteSight
  • Authors Den
  • WritersNet
  • Associated Content
  • American/California Chronicle
  • Staff Poetry Editor, Literary Magic
  • Twisted Tongue
  • International Society of Poets
  • InD’Tale Magazine
  • The US State Department
  • The Save Ashraf Campaign
  • Canadian Federation of Poets
  • Living MS Magazine
  • Seattle Downtown News
  • FishHeads (Seattle comic zine)
  • Univ. of WA Seismology Dept.
  • Athens Magazine of Ohio Univ.
  • The New Yorker (excerpt)
  • Write Words – Journalism group
  • Noble House
  • Reese Tyler’s Anthologies


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