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Professional Ghostwriter

Professional Ghostwriter

How do I find and hire professional ghostwriting services – without getting shafted?

By Karen S. Cole of Ghost Writer, Inc.

You’re not merely hiring affordable ghostwriting services. Because you can become a professional book author. Or almost any type of money-making writer. Creating a series will help sell your ideas. It establishes a fan base for your ongoing works. These are more marketable than a single book. Our ghosts have helped author clients make their way upward. Book writers who started with GWI, they are golden now. Their works and projects sold because of what we did!

Or you may become a studio-produced musician. Otherwise, an optioned screenwriter. Online ghostwriting services in USA = Ghost Writer, Inc. Among other agencies, we’re known as one of the very best. GWI could lead you to production by a legitimate TV or film studio. In Los Angeles or New York, for example. Our ghostwriting services agency works with both A-list and boutique-style literary agencies. Also great independent and traditional publishers. Come on board with us!

And we have ghostwriting services for successful book proposals.

But nowadays, we recommend self-publishing. It takes less time to publish and distribute that way.

However, GWI could land you an A-list literary agent and a mainstream book publisher. No guarantees, but we offer you our best ghostwriting services. Genuine celebrity books and timely news stories, we also do those. For the right price and a 50% book advance. The fantastic stories you tell the world will take you places. But only if you put forth the effort into your ghostwriter book.

Normally, we can arrange self-publication. You will be published; we’ll find you a way. Ghost Writer, Inc. can’t guarantee production of scripts, films or music. On the other hand, we can help you get your foot into several professional doorways. In the film and music fields, through our ghosts. Many Ghost Writer, Inc. team members know affordable routes to publishing services.

Ask your GWI book ghost writer how to proceed! We have the best ghost writers for you.

Ghost Writer, Inc. understands the ins and outs. Of taking a manuscript from unfinished to published, printed and distributed. Screenplays and scripts to awards, optioning and production. Songs to a number of creative places. Useful for backgrounds, soundtracks and online advertising. Internet and offline sites where you can join, enter and contribute your finest work.

We have professional book readers doing regular online podcasts. And original theme website bloggers. Name a specialty and we’ll research it. We handle business books, industry web posts, articles and related documents. Hire affordable business ghosts that cover your financial sectors. Our ghostwriting services include full-on ghostwriting, editing and proofreading. And most forms of professional manuscript formatting.

Premium book ghostwriting services that are ethical ghostwriting services – for less!

A book series is likelier to be traditionally published. Create one through GWI! A-list literary agents don’t take upfront payments. But they do work “on spec.” However, they’re overflowing with badly written and edited book manuscripts. So you’ll need to hire the best freelance ghostwriter possible. One of our honest, affordable professional ghosts or book editors.

GWI matches you right away with an available ghostwriter.

And you will get the best ghostwriting services online. You will sign for your ghostwriter and other projects legally. Each one evaluated personally by you, and delivered in a timely manner. Paid for during course of completion. Per your own individual needs and our milestone time schedules.

Furthermore, you may be looking for a Best Seller or Bestselling Ghostwriter. GWI works with your budget. We take payment upfront, not as a percentage. That’s what you make from your published books! GWI hosts a wide variety of bestselling book ghostwriters. Our ghostwriting services company does sterling nonfiction book proposals. We also do best seller fiction novel packages. For affordable upfront payments, over time and at your own pace.

Ethical book ghostwriting services to serve your affordable needs. Bestselling ghostwriting services to enable your work to market and sell. Memoir ghostwriting services for your family, friends and business.


Many of our books have become international bestsellers. As a result, volumes published in the Library of Congress. Karen S. Cole was the professional ghostwriter for their very first self-published book! TBOB, the true story on Dr. King’s assassination. We can arrange your book to be featured in the Library. Nothing’s impossible! We’ve been bestselling professional ghostwriting services for years. Write us a really great book. I would love to feature it on our Portfolio or Resume pages.