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By Karen Cole, Book Manuscript Ghostwriter and Editor, Affordable Ghost Writing Services

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Writing articles is often done by ghost writers, as well as many other works such as books, screenplays and eBooks. Knowing how to ghostwrite by using SEO, or search engine optimization, is primary for those who write articles and eBooks. It really helps the writing to “get found” by search engines. And SEO for Google is paramount in todays’ overcrowded but Google-dominated search market. However, you shouldn’t only optimize for Google – even Google itself frowns deeply on that!

Mostly, you need to optimize for keywords. When writing anything, especially a website, with Google in mind, you must keep your keywords down to about three at most per page. And try not to overuse any keywords in your text copy. Google wants the page to have reader-oriented info, not search engine-oriented info. So bear in mind your readership when you’re having your text copy ghost written, as it needs to not be overstuffed with any of your keyword phrases.

It’s best to use bold and large type font for your main keyword phrases, only once per phrase if possible, on your text page. Then have the rest of your page written naturally, for the readers who will be going over it carefully. Lead them down the page with your offers of service. It can also help to use a form on your page where your readers can submit info and ask you for a free service, such as a white paper or other free document. Your ghost writer should be able to input such a form on your website.

When ghost writing articles, it’s best to avoid “keyword stuffing” when it comes, once again, to Google, and even MSN is getting concerned about that. MSN will be in the big picture, it’s speculated, more often now, so find out what their policies are on how they view website text copy. As for articles, keep each of your keywords down to 3-5% total at most per page. The best way is to hire a ghost writer who knows about Google’s algorithm changes and their Panda and Penguin update systems, so that your ghost writer will know how to optimize your articles and websites properly.

Lastly, have your ghost writer create several expert, professional articles about your business, ones which don’t mention you by name, at least not in the body copy, and press releases too. Spread these around the Internet on various sites, such as Ezine Articles, with links back to your business website. Your business name shouldn’t be in the article copy, but it can be in an About the Author resource box, and you can have the ghost writer give you credit as the “author” of each article so that the resource box leads back to your website.

GHOST WRITER, INC: Karen Cole is an affordable book ghost writer, copy editor, proofreader, rewriter and book author with a team of 130+ writing field and book / screenplay workers, some of which are New York Times best-selling authors. We do inexpensive marketing, promotions and publishing or optioning assistance, and we have contacts with literary agents, commercial publishers and literary or film field professionals. We also offer ghost writers for music and composition, such as rap music and other genres, and we have ghost writing for Facebook and Twitter as well.

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