sex romance cannibalism

Sex, Romance and Cannibalism

Sex romance cannibalism are three HOT topics. Don’t you Think?

Sex, Romance and Cannibalism

By “Karma Putra” – claimed he met the Beatles. Then, took it back, later on. Maybe worried about what had happened to, uh, two of “them.”

Back Cover Copy

Sinfully Fleshy Confessions of a Multi-Loving Child of Destiny:

I am a man, my own way, and so are you. This rapturous story began in the Forties, during World War II, when we lived life to the ultimate of its absolute most hideous and tempestuous meanings. We were among actual “restless natives,” scalding rapists and cocksure cannibals; but I wasn’t one of them, and had the most exciting romantic sexual adventures!

Once five years old, so achingly long ago, one of my names is still Karma Putra. In Hindi, the language of truest love’s religious storytelling and the wisdom of a capacious monolith called India, Karma means “act, action and performance.” Sutra means in its way, a story, a text if you will, and a method to tell this “tall tale” to you; not in monosyllables, but in a manner you will fully comprehend as you begin to read it.

Why are Sex, Romance and Cannibalism interesting?

And yes – we were related to cannibals, too! We were carefully instructed in the arts of sexing, killing, mutilating and devouring our own beloved kindred and enemies. But being Spanish nowadays…I shall say this: I fell in love, instead. Brutally exposed to Joseph Conrad’s “The Heart of Darkness,” I was always drawn instead to love’s most spiritual effervescent light, the dawn of sexuality, punishment and Hindu growth via adversity, multiple white, brown and Catholic women, the storms, the monsoons and the tides.

I am thus drawn here as Destiny’s Child, the manifested meaning of Karma Putra, and you must come along with me in order to enjoy my soul-shattering story. It is vast, deep and full of complexities, hideous horrors combined with sexual sweetness, heart-breaking romance, professional fighting and worldwide travel – without a break or any boredom whatsoever!

What were our earliest childhood memories, before the starkness of that hideous object Death? The natives and my family interwove it throughout our lives. What was my own name, our adventures…what can I recall that makes a difference to your spirits or mine? Well, it comes back to me as a gallery of splendour, as a time of comfort and derision, of the United States Army and its valiant servicemen, and how enjoyable we were able to become. But when I was a child, I spoke as a child, and put away childish things.

Id you do, id you don’t. Sex, Romance and Cannibalism as Nature

When you have naught but nature to play with, you learn quickly how to grow up. The South Pacific with its amber blues, its greens and turquoises, held my entire enchantment, one which you should expend your ever-growing soul permanently for. But the road stretched incredibly beyond my horizon, beckoning me to further and more adult adventures. I thought and dreamed of Hawaii, Guam, unlimited quadrillions of other heavenly places…but I was in dreadful love with where I was. A dirt road lofting dust clouds can cover the tracks of a well-meaning island child…

…and so help me, I played my heart out to understand the nature of deep loneliness. There must be some way, I knew, to find special friends with which to share these rapturous splendours. I dreamed of fishing, of someway casting threadbare Pacific Ocean nets, finding my one true love that way, and of several loves and how it would be the easiest thing on Earth…to play recklessly forever, and never mind adults!

(Ghostwriter’s Note: We are all Men our own ways. Even we Womenfolk. Or, not! Well, if you prefer cannibalism over sex…maybe not my kind of Man…or anything.)

So tell me what you think, then hire an Amazon, New York Times and NYT or other bestselling ghostwriter today. Rather than being sorry, you’ll have embarked on the thrilling adventure of a lifetime…no matter what happens, including the magical smile of a sudden overnight success!

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