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Ghost Writing Services for All

Hire a Ghost Writer Service that works for Everybody.

By Karen S. Cole of Ghost Writer, Inc.

When you ghostwrite, edit or otherwise work on a book, you’re investing time, effort, resources, communication and potentially your very life’s blood, a lifetime of work into what you are doing. A book can be many things, just a memoir for your family and friends to remember you by, all the way up to the next major Hollywood film to last for future generations of potentially stronger posterity. It all depends on what you seek, what you need, exactly what you’re looking for in, say, a book, movie script, musical score, etc. It helps if you don’t wander around a lot.

Unfortunately, some see ghostwriting as a kind of Get Rich Quick scheme where they cannot pay someone else, a professional writer yet who needs to make around $1,000 to $5,000 or more per month to keep going, pay the bills, have a family and a real, independent life as a true professional book writer or author. This we do get through working on multiple simultaneous projects. Instead, they expect a ghostwriter to be a kind of literary agent, one who only receives a percentage of the book sales. That’s what agents do! For every job I send out to a writer or whoever on my team, the worker pays me a percentage of what they make. However, we keep our pricing low, so that you are comfortable with what you’re spending. You won’t find rates like ours by going directly to these people, you get them through me.

All too often, clients expect us to literally work for free, involving percentage payments (which don’t always come through properly, not dependably.) Sadly, this is usually the wrong case, although it can work in some instances. GWI can get you a book advance, and we can craft you a book proposal and query letter too. But as for relying steadily on “on spec” pay to ghostwriters, well, no. This usually involves either a celebrity, a cause or news event with a boatload of audience potential (where you already know where to aim the book – owning a company or you have many professional contacts), or something where you have a brand new message to impart. New information is what people need! Rehashed fiction and warmed over nonfiction that has already been told doesn’t have a tendency to sell. You also don’t want to use plagiarism, you can be sued for that. Try not to ape the latest fashionable craze, try hard to come up with your own dreams.

Nowadays, in fact, it can be hard to get anything to the markets you’re seeking. Sometimes you simply have to settle for pushing your own book copies. If you have the financial resources – our company does NOT charge a lot of money (depending on what you think “a lot” is), we can assist you. This could be thousands of dollars, or less, depending on your needs. A typical price to ghostwrite a book through Ghost Writer, Inc. is $10-20,000 USD. This includes all needed services to present a professionally written, fully polished, colorful and exciting, grammatically correct FORMATTED book manuscript with only a few typos at worst. Editing, book doctoring or book coaching your already written manuscript costs less, and we charge pertaining to the amount of work involved. It’s typical for a Ghost Writer, Inc. team member to charge $2,000-5,000 USD for editing work, and we are all professionals who know exactly what we are doing. Book coaching can involve helping you from scratch – we are flexible at times. Like I said, it depends on your budget, your needs, your topic and the requirements of your friendly ghost.

Hire me, I am Granny Ghostwriter – Middle Aged and in the Prime of my Life!

So, if you don’t have the time, tons of money to hire a celebrity ghostwriter (we do have quite a few of those, though, at reduced and lower rates), the inclination to try to be a professional writer or book editor, or otherwise need someone to help you create your own personal book, family memoir or other writing oriented project, just drop by: (only one “w” in rainbowriting)

We will advise you, guide you through the process, hold your hand when necessary, laugh and cry with you, work you through the lengthy (often) process of preparing and publishing your own book, which WILL be yours due to copyrights laws as of 1986 in the United States, and all of the treatied countries we trade with as well. So don’t worry, we will even sign a fair, even-handed contract bestowing all copyrights upon you for both your and our original work.