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What’s a Book Ghost Writer? Who are you, what do you do, how are you any different than the other ones…how does Ghost Writer, Inc. work?

Book Ghostwriters are Professional, Affordable and Reasonable Too!

book ghost writer

Book Ghostwriter for Pay and for Profit

By Karen S. Cole, ghostwriting 2003-2018 and onward with a team of 200 plus ghostwriting service professionals. Access to over 16,000 other professionals in our expanded network. As a book ghost writer, I have assembled a private network, dozens of bestselling ghostwriters and bestseller book authors, with full capacity to assist you – for pay.

We don’t do on spec, percentages or partnerships 95% of the time. Some people think I want a personal relationship with them – I’m married and have one child. Being female often draws the wrong attention, and I have no interest in that whatsoever.

You MUST have a provably salable book idea for a partnership, such as one about a huge celebrity – music, business, films, television, politics. A recent giant news event you actually figured in prominently, along those lines. Otherwise we take on affordable ghostwriting projects via installment upfront payments over time.

Bear in mind you are hiring a professional writer, and be prepared. I am a book ghost writer offering reasonably priced ghostwriting services through signed legal contracts. This is a serious business, not one to take lightly – you are making a serious financial investment. If not, at least you’re paying for a book editor, book coach, or similar services. Believe me, ghostwriting is a serious commitment.

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