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Bestselling Ghostwriter

How to hire a ghostwriter who sells books

By Karen S. Cole of Ghost Writer, Inc.

I’m a bestselling ghostwriter. I have been in the business since January 2003, creating, editing, ghostwriting book manuscripts for clients such as you. This business is some scary fun, and what can I tell you about it that would help you in finding the correct bestselling ghostwriter for your book project?

Well, normally people do write their own books. However, a lot of people have English as a second language, no time to write their own books in a professional manner, or simply a lack of desire to wade through the entire professional writing process. Such clients need a professional best selling ghost writer simply to get their ideas across. Someone with contacts in the industry, someone who has access to book literary agents and book commercial publishers. Someone who can lay their ideas out on the pages of an electronically formatted book (an ebook or eBook), who is a professional writer.

What is a professional best selling ghost writer?

A professional book ghostwriter is the type who can help you create your finished, polished book manuscript. I am one of those. I have been at freelance professional writing since previous to 1980. I am paid, work on a schedule and complete projects on time. And I host a team of some 180 plus professionals, who specialize in a variety of ghostwriting oriented professions. Some are book marketers, some are book editors or book coaches, some are those who run video operations, have contacts with Los Angeles film and TV producers, New York City personnel who can handle working on your book, and many others of a variety of stripes.

Ghost Writer, Inc. at can fill all your related needs. It does require that you have the upfront working capital to lay out some decent money in advance, such as $10,000 USD for instance, to pay your writer and your marketer. In short, we generally don’t work for “on spec” payments. We can help your book get published, sold, and YOU make all the speculation or percentage payments from when your book is sold commercially. GWI doesn’t do that, so we take upfront payments, made in installments over time instead. But we will get your book published, marketed and sold, with a query letter and a book proposal that interests agents and publishers.

So go to: for more information, which Karen S. Cole will cheerfully give you herself. We also do free five to ten page sample writing for you, so you can check out the style of your particular ghostwriter. GWI does scripts, screenplays, books, manuscripts, music, lyrics, and short freelance writing projects. The only thing we won’t do is your term papers. We will edit and rewrite your academic work for pay, but we won’t do your academic work for you. That would be unscrupulous. GWI only works in a non-plagiarizing, morally decent manner.