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Relating to a book explaining what are pageant dreams, and how they pertain to empowerment and feminism. Book worked on by Ghost Writer, Inc. Edited by Karen S. Cole. The below is being used as an excerpt via Contract with the book’s author clients. It’s a bit lengthy. But I want you to read this whole thing, because the two young ladies involved are on a mission: they want to be real feminists! And they are running in both the Miss Universe and the Miss America pageant systems.

FIND YOUR PASSION: FOLLOW YOUR DREAM (What are pageant dreams to me)

Kendra’s Wisdom: What are Pageant Dreams for?

When it comes to Living Positively, you must always start with yourself, and potentially end with yourself as well. First, discover what you truly love, and then pursue it to the Ends of the Earth! You see, I know firsthand that it is best to find your passion earlier than later. The sooner you locate it, the longer you have to live your dream and really do exactly what you love, without censure, censorship or negativity.

Remember: don’t worry too much if you don’t know what your strongest dream is yet. Some of the most intriguing people I know took years, even decades, to realize theirs; you will find your Life’s Passion, your gut instinct will let you know about it! And yet, life itself is often a matter of winning or losing, many times. Learning how to lose graciously, how to accept winning with your head up high…or low.


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