New York Times Best Seller Ghost Writer

New York Times bestseller ghostwriters¬†and also Amazon bestseller ghostwriters. Text, call or leave me (ask for Karen) a message. Only call during the week, not on the weekend. However, you can always email me anytime!¬†425.205.9707 or karen@rainbowriting.com Hi, I'm Karen S. Cole! Amazon, New York Times and NYT bestselling ghostwriter. I'm also a book editor. … Continue reading New York Times Best Seller Ghost Writer

Sex, Romance and Cannibalism

Sex romance cannibalism are three HOT topics. Don't you Think? Sex, Romance and Cannibalism By "Karma Putra" - claimed he met the Beatles. Then, took it back, later on. Maybe worried about what had happened to, uh, two of "them." Back Cover Copy Sinfully Fleshy Confessions of a Multi-Loving Child of Destiny: I am a … Continue reading Sex, Romance and Cannibalism