New York Times Best Seller Ghost Writer

New York Times bestseller ghostwriters and also Amazon bestseller ghostwriters. Text, call or leave me (ask for Karen) a message. Only call during the week, not on the weekend. However, you can always email me anytime! 425.205.9707 – also,

Hi, I’m Karen S. Cole! Amazon, New York Times and NYT bestselling ghostwriter.

I’m also a book editor. Heading a team of ghosts. Which includes student and experienced writers, also national and internationally bestselling authors, ghostwriters and copy editors. Plus marketers, literary agents and publishing assistants. A pool of 250+ people, growing and changing every day. Out of which you’re sure to find the perfect match! However, we require the ability to pay upfront. In reasonable amounts, during the course of completion of your wonderful projects.

We’ve done almost every type of books, films and documentaries. Yours could be next, when we do everything right! It just takes your time, efforts and the needed resources. GWI does fully completed manuscripts, books (including publishing, printing and distribution), scripts, screenplays, music, lyrics, and soundtracks. We specialize in book manuscripts, being in business since January of 2003.

Also, GWI does: business documents, in-house literature, white papers, blog posts and articles, journalism, speeches, comedy routines, book proposals, even light to heavy research on projects. And everything else we can legally, ethically and morally do for you that isn’t fattening. Except for your wallet! In a timely manner that fits your budget criteria – while being fair and honest to your professional ghostwriters.

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Sex, Romance and Cannibalism

Sex romance cannibalism are three HOT topics. Don’t you Think?

Sex, Romance and Cannibalism

By “Karma Putra” – claimed he met the Beatles. Then, took it back, later on. Maybe worried about what had happened to, uh, two of “them.”

Back Cover Copy

sex romance cannibalism

Sinfully Fleshy Confessions of a Multi-Loving Child of Destiny:

I am a man, my own way, and so are you. This rapturous story began in the Forties, during World War II, when we lived life to the ultimate of its absolute most hideous and tempestuous meanings. We were among actual “restless natives,” scalding rapists and cocksure cannibals; but I wasn’t one of them, and had the most exciting romantic sexual adventures!

Once five years old, so achingly long ago, one of my names is still Karma Putra. In Hindi, the language of truest love’s religious storytelling and the wisdom of a capacious monolith called India, Karma means “act, action and performance.” Sutra means in its way, a story, a text if you will, and a method to tell this “tall tale” to you; not in monosyllables, but in a manner you will fully comprehend as you begin to read it.

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