New York Times Best Seller Ghost Writer

New York Times bestseller ghostwriters and also Amazon bestseller ghostwriters. Text, call or leave me (ask for Karen) a message. Call during the week, not on the weekend – if possible. However, you can email me anytime!

425.205.9707 – also,

Hi, I’m Karen S. Cole! Amazon, New York Times and NYT bestselling ghostwriter.

I’m also a book editor. Heading a team of ghosts. Which includes student and experienced writers, also national and internationally bestselling authors, ghostwriters and copy editors. Plus marketers, literary agents and publishing assistants. A pool of 250+ people, growing and changing every day. Out of which you’re sure to find the perfect match! However, we require the ability to pay upfront. In reasonable amounts, during the course of completion of your wonderful projects.

We’ve done almost every type of books, films and documentaries. Yours could be next, when we do everything right! It just takes your time, efforts and the needed resources. GWI does fully completed manuscripts, books (including publishing, printing and distribution), scripts, screenplays, music, lyrics, and soundtracks. We specialize in book manuscripts, being in business since January of 2003.

Also, GWI does: business documents, in-house literature, white papers, blog posts and articles, journalism, speeches, comedy routines, book proposals, even light to heavy research on projects. And everything else we can legally, ethically and morally do for you that isn’t fattening. Except for your wallet! In a timely manner that fits your budget criteria – while being fair and honest to you and your professional ghostwriter.

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Romantic Fiction Sample

Romantic fiction sample of work edited and proofread by Karen S. Cole

romantic fiction sample
This sexy lady has no idea what is in store for her. Almost immediately, and not sooner.


Sybil awakened to the streaming light flooding in – a beautiful present from a magical dawn. Gazing through the window, her eyes drank up this succulent, marvelous reality, which she could finally feel as being solely her own. It was no longer any old set of circumstances imposed on her by outsiders. It was what she truthfully deserved, what she had never ceased to believe could dwell proudly within herself. Like entering into a visceral dream, she knew it was what she was actually living, not merely dreaming.

The lilac of the lavender fields played bountifully with the blue of the noble sky, full of rosy and yellow clouds, where the majestic sun had begun to radiate toward her gaze with a new clarity. It spoke to her about the beginning of Infinity, where she’d always yearned to live.

The aroma of the flowers, enveloped in the fresh air of the new day, was a perfume bringing the most innocent, innocuous smile to her blushingly red lips. Who’d once said Paradise was only a fantasy? Whoever it was, the poor dear man had apparently lived in embittered self-deceit. Or, did he have an even stranger tale to tell?

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